New Shirts Now in Store!

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New shirts now in store!! Just reppin’ the name. Simples. SHARE THIS POST and someone will be chosen to win one!                               

Album 2 Title Revealed!


We’re very excited to announce that our second studio album will be entitled “Unbreakable Hearts” and will be available worldwide on 3rd November 2014! Follow the album’s story and listen in advance on The Obsidian Bond: Track listing: 1) Intermission EXILE 2) Say What You Want From Me (The Ghost You Left Behind) 3) […]

Everything FVK


  Hello friends! There’s been so much going on we thought we’d summarise for you Firstly. Today the first single from our upcoming second album has been released digitally. DOWNLOAD “NEON IN THE DANCE HALLS” HERE We’ve also re-issued Laurence’s first novel “Ruple and Evelyn” and will be signing every pre-order! CLICK HERE FOR PRE-ORDER […]

Neon In The Dance Halls (Lyrics)

Rage of a melancholy voyeur to a suicide, Stale is the lifeblood of a city being crucified, Pale are the memories of people, who cry on and on, Through these black and bleary nights, But with illustrious intentions we descend…   We’ll shine like neon in the dance halls, A vision of the starburst, Illuminating […]