Alt Press Interview RE: Album 2 avec Willy Control!

Here’s an Alternative Press interview of us talking about an album we’d recorded with producer William Control.

At the time of this video’s release we believed that the album was lost, and we really had no idea when – or if – we’d ever get the chance to release the record that we’d sacrificed so much for. So we moved on and wrote another two albums worth of material that we started demoing with Dan Weller early this year. We were ready to put the past behind us, hoping that one day we’d get the chance to revisit the masterpiece that never was.

However, as you may be aware, last night we announced that we will soon be releasing a second album, and we’re pleased to say that it IS in fact the album that we travelled 4,772 miles to record in Washington State, USA with William Control.

This interview was one of the most enjoyable interviews we’ve ever done, and it was gutting not to be able to shout about it when it came out, as we’d as at that point, we’d resigned ourselves to failure.

But no more!

Sit back, relax and enjoy frank and open chat about the album’s bangage to wankage ratio, watch William Control attempt to mime an FVK bass line and get the lowdown on album 2!


One thought on “Alt Press Interview RE: Album 2 avec Willy Control!

  1. nic;;

    I love this interview with a passion omg 😀
    And Laurence looks like a proper little author, bless him :’)
    <3 ;; xxxxx

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