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Maeby: Ultra-Original Demo

Maeby original demo sq

MAEBY: The Maybe edition (2011) Hi all! It’s time to delve back into FVK’s shoddily recorded past once more as I present to the original version of the “stone-cold classic hit single”* – ‘Maeby.’ As you completest fans will have no doubt noticed already, most of songs don’t change a great deal from the demoing stage […]

Bleed Til Sunrise… LIVE!

Bleed til sunrise LIVE

A mysterious file on my hard drive titled “fearlessvampirekiller01” turned out to be this early live recording of ‘Bleed Til Sunrise’. I’m not certain what show this would have been from, I have a suspicion it was from a show we played at Cafe 1001 in the summer of 2010. It’s a rough desk mix […]

Bite Down On My Winchester (Demo)


;; I’ve been going through a bunch of my old hard drives recently, delving deeper and deeper into the recesses of digital nostalgia. Through doing this I’ve been lucky enough to find a few demos that I don’t think have been put up on Obsidian Bond yet. So I thought I’d post a few of […]