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To the fans of the Grandomina///Codex, old and new…


To the fans of the Grandomina///Codex, old and new, Just a quick explanation of how the band’s literature fits into our Social Network/Wondersite The Obsidian Bond. For the past five years I have been compiling a history of Convonia: the world that surrounds and encompasses the city of Grandomina. So far only one full novel […]

Alt Press Interview RE: Album 2 avec Willy Control!

Here’s an Alternative Press interview of us talking about an album we’d recorded with producer William Control. At the time of this video’s release we believed that the album was lost, and we really had no idea when – or if – we’d ever get the chance to release the record that we’d sacrificed so […]

Do or do not, there is no try.


I’m a man/boy of habit. I can’t help my self. I have an order to things, and though to many other people (namely Kier Kemp) that order may seem chaos, to me, it IS order, and I diverge from my self-set path at my own peril. Every morning, the first thing I do when I […]

Militia of the Lost Part 8

Militia of the Lost Story Part 8 Here’s a drinking game. Drink every time Rethwick Bronze says “come”. This is short – only 5 pages. But the next time you get some, it’ll be whole lot more. Should be next week. Until my next letter, or never… Laurence ;;

Don’t worry… Laurence is here.

So. Officially back off tour now. Cue moaning. BUT WAIT! There’s no time to moan. Sure, we’ve just come off of the greatest tour of our lives (the Kerrang! Tour), where we played to thousands of people every night, got free coffee, and hung out with the coolest bands… And after all that, SURE, you’d […]

Militia of the Lost part 7

So it’s snowing outside – frustrating. I’m supposed to run tonight, (well basically every night, so I don’t have a heartatak on the first night of Kerrang! Tour in Cardiff.) Also need to have a haircut, as we’re doing something reasonably important on Sunday which I kind of have a responsibility to look ok for. […]