Bruises – Out Now!

Our new mini-album “Bruises” is OUT NOW!

FVK Bruises Mini Album Cover









It’s well good and well cheap. Here’s how to get hold of it, wherever you are! Please submit links to your local store in the comments if they’re not covered! This will be updated continuously.


Listen on Spotify

Download on iTunes (Only Β£2.99!)

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Physical Album

Physical Album








20 thoughts on “Bruises – Out Now!

  1. Chloe P

    With each FVK album I think “this is it, my favourite song of all time, I’m never gonna like another song this much,” and then they bring out a new album! ‘Feel Alive’ is just stunning! Well worth every penny!

  2. Olivia Schalow

    I love it sooo much I have the digital I need to get the signed copy, it’s a great album and congrats😘😘

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