Cabin Fever Set-list Vote: ROUND 2!

Thanks to everyone who got involved with Round 1 of our “Let’s Setlist” Cabin Fever Tour setlist vote we’ve narrowed down your suggestions – from the sublime to the ridiculous – and started to shape the set around what you want to hear.

Round 2 gives you guys the power to tailor the setlist for your local show to you!

If you revisit the voting page:

You will see that each date of the tour is included on the page with a list of six songs displayed underneath them. You can vote for which of those six songs you want to hear on that night and the three with the most votes will be incorporated into the set.

Apologies for the clunky explanation, it all essentially means that each night we’ll have a nice nostalgic moment where we go back and visit some of your favourite tunes from the vault – and hopefully each night will be different (although it seems like Don Tereisto is gonna be played every night at this rate!).

Keep it real guys, and keep voting!

;; xxxx

2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Set-list Vote: ROUND 2!

  1. V;ck;

    Already cast my vote for concede repent destroy. Also guys, apparently The Waterfront in Norwich is closing down? Theres a petition to sign if you type it in on Google search, please please help to save it as its in your home of Norfolk and loads of fans local gig venue, plus its awesome!


    Vicki xxxxx

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