Fearless Vampire Killers Christmas Countdown – 12th of December!

He’s watching you, and he’s judging every step you make. Cataloguing the whole of humanity as either naughty or nice, he’s got plans for us all. That’s right, THE ROBIN has a fully colour coded database with all of our names in it and he’s got the fat man on speed dial, so don’t make a false move…
The title of ‘Christmas animal of the year’ has to go to THE ROBIN. Santa’s personal airborne spy, he/she  is definitely the most intimidating animal of the season. You can keep your turkeys and your floating reindeer, whilst those two losers are in the photo studio touching up each others hair, ready for the big ‘rolling stone’ shoot, the robin is hard at work outside in the cold, perched on that spade you shoved into the ground last spring. He aint moving for no one, no sir. And if you even think about moving that spade back into the shed, he’ll kill you. So through pure fear alone I’m dedicating this advent blog to THE ROBIN.

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