Fearless Vampire Killers Christmas Countdown – 8th of December!

At some mysterious point in the year of 1989 the winds on the planet earth changed direction. new, yellow visions fell upon the inhabitants of earth, and their perception of existence was altered indefinitely and undeniably for the better.

on this unknown date a young man named matt visited a small, dingy office somewhere in the castle “FOX” in the hope of selling an idea. he sold the idea. he sold it a lot of times, he made a lot of money and he made a lot of people happy.

whodafortit: THE SIMPSONS #0001

“Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”

What better way to start the world’s greatest cartoon series than with a christmas special. christmas appears doomed for the family because of monetary problems but all is saved when we take home a new friend, santa’s little helper. This little man is an ex-racing greyhound, kicked to the street by his abusive owner. Many years later santa’s little helper is still lying on our feet, keeping them warm through the winter months. We have that man Matt to thank for it! Merry Christmas dude! This advent blog is for you x


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