Fearless Vampire Killers Christmas Countdown – December 10th

Christmas time eh? Mistletoe and wine, and all of these sweet sweet treats we all like devour. It’ll sound like such a weinery cliche thing for me to say this (but I’m going to say it anyway cos I am a weiner) but Christmas for me is all about the time you get to spend with friends and family. It’s seemed even more special and important since we all left our cosy hometown for the big smoke a few years ago now, and Christmas is one of those few times where everybody is in town and in the mood to eat, drink and be frackin’ merry!

Anyways, a big part of the communal festivities for me have always been those beautiful, wonderful creations of mankind…BOARD GAMES!! In our family every Christmas it always turns into a board game bonanza with such old hits as Yahtzee and Pictionary making an appearance to the new kids on the block: the movie-film cash-in versions of old standards. I think for the past few years me, my dad and brother have been fighting over the crown of King Geek through testing our knowledge of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings on the Trivial Pursuits battleground (I’ve come out champion a fair few times you’ll be glad to know :P)!

But I feel I should crown one winner of the game-us board-us variety, with something for everyone and which never ceases to entertain. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s the one and only….


I fudgin’ love this beast of a board game and since we got hooked on it I think I’ve played it with my friends and family every Christmas and just seeing the box makes me feel all warm and moist inside.

Just as long as I don’t as long as I’m not stuck with ‘World’ Articulate! is the tops people!

Stay beautiful,

Drew ;;


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