Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 15th

Who here knows what snowballs are? No not the white blobs of ice cold matter what we throw at our mates in hope of injuring them. No. Snowballs that reside in tall thin glasses and make your mind go all fluttery a bit, all tasting of lemon and butterscotch. You need a bottle of Advocaat, some lime juice and a some clear lemonade. Advocaat is alcoholic, so make sure if your underage get your parents to buy it. In no way am encouraging drinking alcohol excessively, but if you can handle your liquor then Snowballs are a must at Christmas. 🙂

Its easy peasy lime squeasy, just mix the Advocaat and a smidgeon of lime juice together. Pour into a highball. Top up with lemonade, then whisk like you’d imagine Rick Stein would on a cold winters eve.


On a slight tangent, how awesome is it that we’re in the Scuzz most requested chart!? Thanks so much all you badgers and bambers and other assorted creatures for pissing off the lovely guys down there and requesting us over and over. It’s really helping us get some exposure, and we have you to thank 🙂 That doesn’t mean stop doing it though, because together, we can FVK something that can make a difference.

Also, PHEW. You guys like the book! Hurrah, I was actually terrified of what peoples reactions would be so it’s awesome that you’ve received it as you have. I’ve got way too much waiting in the wings to follow it up if this one does well. 🙂

Until my next letter, or never…


6 thoughts on “Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 15th

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