Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 17th

Now this next thing might seem obvious but it’s actually one of my most favourite things about christmas… CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!

So many families in britain have a roast every sunday. So you’d think we’d be used to it by now. However for some reason christmas dinner always manages to insight a massive amount of excitement, stress, hunger, confusion… and rightfully so!! Christmas dinner is the dinner to end all dinners (isn’t dinner a silly word!). It’s like a roast dinner just x 10,000. It almost becomes a competition to see how many different trimmings you can add to one course… Here’s how a christmas dinner related convosation might go:

Person 1″Well at my house we have pigs on horseback, bread sauce, 3 types of cabbage and john lewis crackers!!”

 Person 2″That is nothing my friend! For at my house we have all of that! plus grandads carrots, 3 types of meat, 5 types of stuffing and gravy made from the blood of saint Nick himself!”

Yum Yum Dinner.

Love Kier


69 thoughts on “Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 17th

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