Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 24th

Well. Here we are. Christmas Eve. I’m not quite sure who’s doing tomorrorow. Maybe it’ll be a joint effort or something. Who knows?

For the people that noticed kiers shocking endorsement of tesco stores, please note we do not all feel the same, though we still kind of have to shop there as we have very little money. I think if people have a choice, they should well support local independant stores. When tesco opened back home, our local record shop shut down, coincidently that’s where kier worked? That boy. LOL.

I’m sure he does have a point though, somewhere in there…

Anyway, enough of my attempts to clear our name and insist we are not capatalist pigs. It’s time to get christmasfied.

As you’ve probably noticed my christmas blogs have been slightly more subdued in comparrisson to the other guys. It’s not that i don’t like christmas, it just that, with me filling in the emo (I <3 despair) factor of the band, i find it hard to get in the mood for christmas when i’m stuck in miserable old london. But i had a cup of coffee with a polish girl today that i see every now and then in the place where i have lunch. Where she comes from they celebrate christmas today, and then the 25th and 26th are a kind of hangover for that. She was kinda miserable though, because she’d not bought her little baby any presents, even though he wouldn’t even register it anyway. She said she was an evil mum because of it. I just thought she was practical. It sort of made me feel more down though, cos i realised i didn’t want to be here in london with moody people, but back with my band who really like christmas and write over-excited blogs about it.

But then the girl said she had something to show me, and she got out this scuffed up mp3 player and gave me some headphones. When she pressed play, i felt christmassy for the first time this year. It was King Crimson, “Fallen Angel”, you should go listen to it now. I’d never heard it before but it was awesome.

So yeah, suddenly i didn’t feel too bad and i started to get excited about getting on that train tonight, and now i’m really excited, all because someone wanted to play me a song by a prog band that was – vaguely – festive.

So you know what? Lets all do our best to make our loved ones feel happy and festive. They could die tomorrow. I guess we should think of people we’ve lost over the year or past years, but most all have fun with those that are around. God that was a rambling post.

As Ray Stokes would say,

Merry christmas, everyone, ARRAW!



37 thoughts on “Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 24th

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