Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 23rd

So it’s come to this. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, the Season of Yuletide is upon us. This month’s gone by so quickly! As you may have noticed my blogs represent the inner geek that dominates my thought processes to this very day and I think there’s only one Christmas gem that I could end my pre-christmas blogs on. The 23rd of December is all about…


This has got to be without a doubt my favourite Christmas film, not including films that people (me especially :P) say are Christmas films like Die Hard or Batman Returns or something. I’m talking PURE Christmassy entertainment – and that doesn’t get any better than Muppet Christmas Carol!

Let’s look at the facts: First of all you’ve got MICHAEL FRACKIN’ CAINE! as Scrooge!

Seriously how cool is that? Seein’ old Michael Caine skipping about with a bunch of puppets in the snow singing at the top of his lungs which brings me Exhibit B of the Evidence of Awesomnity: It’s a MUSICAL!!!!

Obviously this makes the whole thing incredibly cheesy – but that’s what being a good Christmas film is all about. The more sickeningly cheesy the better, if any of you Hollywood big shots are reading this blog (and let’s face it of course you are – why wouldn’t you be???????????) then let it be known that all Christmas films from now on should be musicals. And the songs in Muppet Christmas carol are so awesome, you’ll be singing them for days after you’ve seen it guranteed (they’re better than that ‘noise’ them Killer Fearless Vampire-men make!).

Plus it focuses on Gonzo and Rizzo as Charles Dickens and…well Rizzo (for those unfamiliar with individual muppets who aren’t green or piglike here they are):

And they are totally the best two characters in the muppet’s ensemble, they could Kermit’s ass pull the fuzz over Fozzy bear’s eyes any day of the week!

But the main reason I love this film so much is for nostalgic reason, I basically have watched this film every Christmas since I was a wee young lad and me and my brother used to watch literally ALL THE TIME when we were younger. I think it was that and Star Wars fighting for the most played videotape in our house ;). So yeah anything to do with this film always brings back really warm memories and makes me think about all of those Christmases past and how even though things have changed since I was a loveable little scamp THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL will always be there to make me feel like a big kid at Christmas.

Thus I reach the end of my advent blog, I hope y’all have enjoyed it (and are encouraged to watch/rewatch this phenomenal piece of cinematic history :P). I’m off to Grand Master Kier to the studio to lay down some groovey bass for some new tracks you can sink you teeth into next year so all I have left to say is…

Stay beautiful and ha a Merry Christmas everyone!

Drew ;;


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