Fearless Vampire Killers Countdown to Christmas – December 5th(ish)

Ok, so this isn’t really the 5th of December but have you ever ended staying round a friends house after a night of boogeying down and shaking tail feathers, then come home the next morning to find that you not only have today’s advent chocolate to push through your greasey mush, but  the day before’s forgotten chocolatey goodness as well? It feels good doesn’t it – even better than eating it on the day? Then let’s begin…

Now for the matter at hand: Christmas songs. OH CHRISTMAS TREE OH CHRISTMAS TREE… and then that line that no one else remembers. Everyone loves a good Christmas song (don’t even try and be cool and lie – you know you do!!!!!!!!!!) because you don’t even have to actually like the songs at all, it’s that “Qhristmas Quality Qampness” that makes us feel all warm (and slightly embarassed) inside.

I’m going to come a bit out of left-field here with my choice as either, unfortunately, people don’t remember this once monumental band or absolutely despise them…But you can’t frackin’ argue with this Christmas tune!!


Yeah that’s right people!!!! This has got to be one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time, it’s just so hard to beat. It’s got everything you need in a Christmas song: Sleigh bells/references to mulled wine and other christmas condiments and a ridiculous log cabin video (with an inexplicable robot thrown in for good measure) worthy of the Lords Wham themselves 😛

And if that wasn’t enough there’s a brilliant (in fact several) twin lead guitar solos and lewd sexual reference’s (Bell’s end…HAHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s like a thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thrown in for good measure. Come on people admit it: They’re your new favourite band now aren’t they 😉

Stay beautiful,

Drew ;;


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