Fearless Vampire Killers: Halloween Blog VIII

vampire counts


now time for something completely awesome…


…more specifically: Vampire Counts Warhammer

The VCs have had a bit of a reVAMP recently, the model to my left (Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon) being part of said renovation.

I want to fight one of these so hard!

what a moment that would be! ­čśë

… I’m running into Finsbury Park after receiving a call from Drew informing me that he’s ‘in a spot of bother’. when i reach the centre of the park i find him being mauled to death by a giant, zombie dragon and taunted by its master. i reach for my pouch of die and roll straight 6s all over his miserable, zombie face. POW down in one! I munch its decomposed corpse in triumph, shedding a very small tear for drew.

-one of my┬ádreams is to design a model for Warhammer. in fact, just┬áthinking out loud… maybe we should pitch a vampire killers army to the big wigs of table-top miniatures… that would be soooo sweet :p

BRRN xxx

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