Fearless Vampire Killers: Halloween Blog XIII – R.L. Stine

Ok, this is like some kind of war is it Barrone? Who can do the coolest blog? Well I’m not going to get into all that sillywillyness. No, Master Nompkin, I shall not!

Moving swiftly on…

We’re actually getting quite excited here at FVKACHQ; scurrying around like little goth rabbits and trying not to spill our seasonal soup, while we strum about and twist and shout. There’re two major happenings in the next few months, one of them is our Halloween Show Just What The Doctor Slaughtered in Islington on the 26th of this month, and the other is *cough-al-cough-bum-cough* maybe I shouldn’t talk about that one yet… What happened!? Also smashed coolest song name ever title with a brand new bastard called Bow Ties On Dead Guys! Barrone spat that one out and, as Comeback Kid would say, he spat it right!

ANYWAYS HALLOWEEN BLOG!!! (That’s three exclamations, which means I’m shouting it REALLY loud, with an owl on my shoulder.)

So yeah today we’re going to look at one of my favourite proganemnons, from when ik was a kiddlywink. It scared the hell out of me, so much so that I’d often watch it with the mute button firmly squelched – yeah, it was depressingly early in life when I discovered that, more often than not, the soundtrack was all that made horror films scary. Still, this monumental slice of finest horror cheese could sometimes even terrify on image alone. That’s right girls and boys, I’m only talking about;

I know, I know! The books were better, blah, blah, blah. But I didn’t know how to read properly when this was on the programme box from 1999 onwards! *Cue mournful strings* I couldn’t get the words to make sense in my head, I’d just read them over and over, and I could visualise nothing! It took a long time for me to learn that but while my brother sat there all smug reading;

I could sneak down downstairs, whack on the T.V and watch what he was reading in live action! And the shows were brilliant! Really scary and with titles that were always hilarious. You had; The Blob That Ate Everyone, about… Well a blob, frightening people; Bad Hare Day, something about a magician, i guess the link there was that magicians use hares?

-But I thought they were Rabbits-

OH SHUT UP, leave R.L. alone it’s a tough job writing all those books

Then we had My Hairiest Adventure about expired tanning lotion and Chillogy Part 1: Squeal of Fortune, about a girl turns into a pig!

But my all time favourite was;

I mean, I know this is the book cover, but the episode delivered as well. I just had to put this up because look at that tagline! Dead cat walking… I love cats – I love zombies. “Hey,” said R.L. Stine, “why not put the two together?” The premise is this; Alison runs over a cat called Rip (get it?) and kills it. Or at least thinks that she has. When she takes it back to the owners, it comes back to life. She sees it get “killed” again when crushed by a set piece in her school play. The cat starts to haunt her, and that’s only the beginning of the nightmare!

What’s weird is that Cry of the Cat and other later stories actually started to adapt Stine’s earlier rational approach and, where things were normally discovered to be earthly illusions and not really ghostly at all, the 2000 series injects truly supernatural ideas into the yarns. For instance, Rip’s ability to !SPOILER! turn Alison into a cat, is definitely not rational.

Anyhow, it’s a fright packed ride, and Rip looks GREAT in live motion, just check out this production still.

Cool, eh?

Check that shit out!

Until my next letter, or never…



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