Fearless Vampire Killers: Halloween Blog XVII

Bloomin’ heck boyoz (and girlettes) it’s been blogtastic round these parts lately – aren’t you a lucky load of lincolnshire sausages!!!!! You’re probably wondering ‘Come on now Halloween can’t beĀ thatĀ good! It’s just another one of those tacky, cheesey non-holiday excuses for people to…’ WOAH! (That’s English for stop a horse) I’ll stop you right there and tell you for why – you’re talking crazy fool. Pure and simple (no this isn’t gonna be a blog about the highs and lows of Hearsay). Now let’s stop all this feuding and a’fussin’ and get back to some sweet, sweet blogging as today i’m chatting drivel about one of my favourite comic book villains of all time…The Scarecrow!

Now I’m sure all of you Bat fans will know what I’m chatting about seeing as Dr Johnathon Crane has popped up in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and SPOILER-TRONIFIC! Supposedly he’ll back for The Dark Knight Rises too in some shape or form. What’s great about the Scarecrow is that he is the embodiment of fear – simple as boss. He can mess with Batman’s head better than other villain bec… “WAIT HOLD ON A SECOND!” I hear the scrawny looking chap at the back of the audience shout, speak up sonny.

“Obviously The Joker is Batman’s ultimate psychological foe, he’s the polar opposite of Batman and more than any other villain he pushes Batman to the very limit of his moral code. The only way to stop The Joker is to kill him, he’s to gleefully psychotic to be rehabilitated or contained, but then Batman would be exactly that which he set out to destroy and protect innocent people from. The Joker is Batman’s ultimate nemesis because of this psychological hold he has which is far more complex and interesting than some numpty in a mask spraying weaponised hallucinogens – that is so 1941!”

You’ve made a very good point but how about I remind that SHUT UP!!! *Cocks shotgun* take a critical response from my boomstick mother fu—*BOOM!!!!!!!!*. Try and speak with half your head blown off – can’t do it can you?

Ah, now that unpleasantness is over where were we? Yes of course, The Scarecrow can get in Batman’s head better than any other because through his fear gas any and all aspects Batman’s tortured psyche can be brought to the surface and exploited. One of my favourite Scarecrow moments is actually a part of the Arkham Asylum video game – Batman has been exposed to Scarecrows neural toxin and gradually hallucinates more and more until the corridor melts away to crime alley where he sees himself as a young boy cradling his dead parents – the moment any chance of having a happy normal (well ish, he was still a billionaire after all – he could have ended up boozing it up with Scrooge McDuck on the weekends) life. Stripped completely bare of his determination and heroism he is still that child afraid and alone – burdened by guilt. It’s so fracking awesome.

I have a lot of nostalgia tied up with the Scarewcrow too as when I was younger The Batman Animated Series of the 90s was my bread and butter – I watched it all the time and thought it was just the bees bunch. And The Scarecrow episodes would always be a fascination because anything could happen and most of the time they scared the hell out of me. Re-watching them now the themes were so dark and complex for a children’s TV program that is no wonder so many adults (like myself of course) still love it and can become enthralled by it’s majesty. GET SOME!


So yeah nuff said The Scarecrow kicks arse, but in other news look who missed their blog – Mr Laurence Beveridge! UMMMMMMMM, I think everyone should make a point of telling him what a naughty boy he’s been – TSk Tsk. Toodles babez.




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