Halloween Part 3 – Rogal Dorn

I’m not quite sure why I’ve bin a’postun so many blogs of late, I’ve just started to enjoy it more than before, and i think it’s something to do with the Halloween excitement.

We Fearless Vampire Killers took a break from stressing about everything last night, and went to see a show at the barfly performed by our good friends Johnny Get The Gun. We were joined for a drink by a segment of the Hopeless Heroic posse which was nice as we’ve not seen them for a while. Tonight we’re heading out to Southend to play the Riga Bar at Westcliff with I Could Be Cairo. Should be a spazmodical show so please come down. 🙂

I’m lobbying to watch RAVENOUS at some point, though we’ve a packed schedule. Lets hope we can slot it in before Halloween.

Until next time,

All my ridiculous affection,



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