How to sign up to Obsidian Bond in Germany

Hello there Germany!

Sorry it’s taken so long to sort this. The crux of the matter is that your country has very strict financial regulations. Due to these regulations Paypal is not permitted to create subscription based reoccurring payments within Germany. We have worked out a work around so please follow the instructions below:

  • Create a Paypal account and make sure your payment details are up to date.
  • Choose your preferred membership level. You can see the options here: unfortunately due to us having to administer this manually we cannot do monthly membership.
  • Checkout using the button below. You will be prompted to send a delivery address for items and underneath that there will be a little place to input your preferred username (If we don’t receive this it will just be your paypal name).
  • IMPORTANT before checking out do NOT select pay after delivery. We need paypal to very the transction in order to create the account,.

Membership Type

  • Once checked out you will return to this page. We have to create the accounts manually. When your account has been created you will receive an email sent to your paypal email address your your login details. We suggest that in first login you change your password.
  • Your account will NOT automatically re-bill. You will recieve an email to your Paypal email address approximately 1 month prior to your account expiring asking if you would like to continue subscribing.

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