It’s THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – Christmas Day!!

Seasons greetings you lovely people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today’s the day, I hope you’ve all been rewarded by the maverick-renegade Santa Clause with a full stocking of goodies and are celebrating with your family and friends by simply having a wonderful christmas (as that guy from Wings, the band The Beatles could have been, once sang).

I for one have just been victorious once again in an intense game of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit and that’s enough to put me in a good festive mood ;). So as some of you might already know if you’ve kept your noses clean and your ears to the ground we FVKers are not just lounging about eating Quality Streets this Christmas (well, we’re doing that, but not JUST that) as we’ve started recording a new set of songs we’ll hopefully put out as an EP early next year. We’re so excited to be recording again and really hope that we do you guys proud and create something special for you to sink your teeth into.

Anyway more on that soon, but for now wherever you are, whoever you’re with have a very merry christmas and we’ll be seeing you all up close and personal in 2011 so I hope you’ve brushed your teeth 😛

So I wish you on behalf of all of us, MERRY CHRISTMAS, stay beautiful folks 🙂

Drew and Da Boyz ;;


PS I’m not generally a massive fan, but big shout out to the Doctor Who Christmas Special, it was cracking boss!

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