It’s Time For Another FVKing Sale!

Hi folks,

We’ve got a rather sumptuous merch sale going on right now over at our store – you’re welcome! I’m just joking folks, but seriously –¬†you’re welcome.


As the flashy, photoshoptastic-glowing collage above says, just enter the discount code FVK20 and you’ll get 20% off – that’s only 80% less than free!

Just head over to this address:

And spend all of your hard earned cash on five make-up wearing fools’s colourful shit. Now how could you say no to a Don Draper-esque pitch like that?


Smell ya later,

Drew ;;


One thought on “It’s Time For Another FVKing Sale!

  1. V;ck;

    Awesome, now mum has no excuse not to get me one for bleaching me other one xD i need more colourful clothing shit in my life :3


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