Misfit Managed

Hey ho let’s go, it’s FVK.co.uk 2.0 – EXCITEMENT!! And what am I gonna christen this first Woolog with? What FVK-related pearl of wisdom is going to be the focal point of this essay? Well, tomorrow we are going to be supporting the Misfits at The Fleece in Bristol and we would love for you all to come on down! Obviously not all of you are going to be able to get your buns down to Bristol but for those of you can – I STRONGLY URGE THAT YOU DO! Not only is it a chance to see us lovely lads prance about onstage like a bunch of graceless monkeys, YOU ALSO GET TO SEE THE FOOKIN MISFITS!!!!!!!!!!! And that ain’t a half bad night, no sir/madam it ain’t. We’ll see lots of you lovelies there…


In other news, we’ve left the world of the employed/soul-destroying work and entered the world of full-time musicians (or poverty-stricken arty-farty types depending on how you view the world). And while we were treated to our first gig back up in Aberdeen since 2011 with Yashin (which was great, thank you to everyone who saw us and chatted to us post-gig) we also had a big, glass-shattering punch to the gut when we had our van broken into and merch money stolen. All the non-timids were all geared up for a blinding night out when we discovered that bombshell which, shall we say, put a damper on the evening. Thank you everyone who’s been tweeting and messaging us support – we really appreciate it, we got away lucky considering Barrone’s brand new strat was also lying in the same compartment!

But enough of that moroseness, what’s done is done – lesson learned, and as I type this we sit backstage at Newcastle academy back in the room of the K! Tour Harlem Shake video next to the big assed stage we played just a couple of months ago. It conjures a very strange mix of nostalgia and arousal in my loins that’s for sure. Tonight we’re playing once again with our friends My Extraordinary, Taking Hayley and Yashin and that ain’t a bad way to spend Easter Sunday, believe you me. Let’s just hope Kier can nurse that hangover in time…

*WARNING* People of Newcastle, Kier Kemp may vomit on you. Wear a rain mac.

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