Save Britain’s Venues!!


Us Vampire Killers and Kerrang! Magazine have teamed up with a few bands to protest the closure of some of Britain’s key music venues…

We’re going to be doing a small impromptu acoustic set outside The Peel in Kingston TOMORROW, Saturday 19th April at 2pm. We’d love it if you could join us and bring some banners/placards that bare the words “Save Britain’s Venues”

This is a great chance to raise awareness and help look after Britain’s music scene. I’d really appreciate it if you could SHARE THIS POST and Invite your friends!! The Magazine will be covering it too so you might get you mug in 😉

See you tomorrow… Love Kier.


One thought on “Save Britain’s Venues!!

  1. Vicki

    Hey guys,

    Its so awesome that youre actually doing this and making this issue aware to people in and outside of the music scene.
    As well as in London, theres a place in my home city- and yours- The Waterfront in Norwich. Due to not making much profit there are talks of it being closed down. As a venue close to my heart and so many other peoples, it would mean so much if you highlighted this possible venue closure too.

    Thank you,

    Vicki Hicks xxx

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