So Long 2013, It’s Been Real Swell

bevers claus


It’s the time once again, when we say goodbye to one year and open our arms to the next – embracing it in the hope that it will be kind to us and the ones we care about. We’ve been fairly quiet over the Christmas period, using the time to catch up with family and friends and stuff our faces (and blitz through the first season of Community in my case) but don’t think that we’ve forgotten about you.

OH NO FOLKS! We wouldn’t ruddy dream of it.

I don’t know what we’d be doing without y’all supporting us as we try to make music and merry as best we can, we certainly wouldn’t have got to do half the amazing things we did this year – open for the Kerrang Tour, headline the Red Bull Stage at Download, tour and record in America and all the other crazy shit we’ve gotten up to! So thank you very much, for being you and liking what we do – I hope we can keep you guys entertained and (hopefully) inspired through 2014 and on into the future of this crazy band’s existence.

Now stop reading this silly little blog and go and enjoy tonight in whatever way you see fit whether it’s going out and getting pished, chilling at home with your family or some mates or playing poker and pretending to be James Bond (as I am) – even if you think all this New Year’s Eve stuff is a load of bullcrap, just use it as an excuse to treat yourself. You deserve it.

May the force be with you,

FVK ;; 


5 thoughts on “So Long 2013, It’s Been Real Swell

  1. V;ck;

    Thank you so much for making 2013 a year worth living. I was incredibly lucky to have seen you twice, at the kerrang tour and when you came to Norwich, both were so amazing (especially when i got to meet you all) xD
    Heres to an awesome 2014!
    Love to you all,

    V;ck; xoxox

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