The Blurst of Christmas

Ho ho ho everybody,

So I kind of got bored and my mind started thinking that Christmas is so close I can almost taste it and, well, I got a bit silly and badly linked all of the songs on Militia of the Lost to something Christmassy. Brace yourselves…



Could we wrap, presents?

Tinsel, Baubles, Mince pies!

Bleed Till Boxing Day

Christmas Time (Bite down on my bell’s end)

Frosty in Flames

Even Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future Forget

Fetish for the Frodo (Lord of the Rings of officially a Christmas celebration again, thank you Peter Jackson!)

Red noses on Dead Reindeers

Pleasure of the Rein(deer)

At War with the Girth (after much too many mince pies)

Mascara Tears and Mulled Wine


It’s ok, it’s ok – I can feel you cringing. I just crapped those out of my word-holes in the tip of my fingers, but I reckon you can do better. If anyone, like me, enjoys a terrible pun and LOVES a terrible Christmas puns – tweet me (@drewfvk don’tcha know: P) some suggestions for you Xmas of the Lost and let’s get festive biiiiiiiiiiiiiitches!!

Church yo,

Drew ;;

98 thoughts on “The Blurst of Christmas

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