Now I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog front of late but DAMMIT PEOPLE IT’S FOR A VERY GOOD REASON OK! We go on tour tomorrow (can I get a woop woop? Is that it? Well, thank you anyway for your lukewarm response). and have had a load of shit to get done and let’s just say we got about 48% done :/! But oh well we’ll be hittin’ Newcastle tomorrow and hopefully we’ll see some of you lovely folks there!

On with the show, this’ll only be a short blog but an image came into my head earlier so terrifying, so devious, so damn disturbing that I swooned and lumped against the local Sainsburys and projectile vomited the belgium bun I’d yummed up at lunch time – much to the horror of the 5 or 6 folks trying to buy their cous cous and coco pops. Of course I can only be talking about one abomination and that is the anti-sensational that is….BAT NIPPLES!

We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all been scarred by it. They will forever haunt the legacy of the caped crusader, you can just see the Joker and Harley Quinn chuckling in a seedy bar in gotham city (after having unleashed some laughing gas on the poor, unsupecting pundits of course) wondering whether Batman had just caught a chill or if he found the Austrian Oak Mr Freeze rather arousing.

Seriously, what a fracking stupid idea. When anyone brings them up they hook themselves into my brain matter, and flash before my eyes throughout the day – torturing my waking hours like some hella-camp poltergeist!

So this has been a rather silly blog, expect a better one soon toodles!



PS Caught Blitz Kids, LostAlone and Tonight Alive at the Barfly last night – SO FUCKIN’ AWESOME love those cats xxx

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