BOOYAH PEEPZ! I’m back again to terrorise your computer screens with jumbled up wordplay, bad grammar, exclamatory exclamations of geekdom and whatever else I can squeeze online through my computer’s anus. As I write we’re currently driving to our second show of the The Killing I Dead Tour and I gotta ay everyone who came out to the Newcastle show were bloody splendissimo, as were our tour mates The Dead Lay Waiting and our ladz Ashes to Angels. All in all the evening was tickety boo (except for a little something we thought we’d lost/had stolen which could have put a stiff spanner in our ever moistening cogs :/). Basically I’m going to use the fact that I’m writing on the go so that you’ll excuse the inevitable spelling mistakes that follow…

So yeah I thought I’d do something a little bit different for this blog and disappear down the sonic-rabbit hole with a song that’ll unnerve your bowels and cause your sphincter to contract and expand at an alarming rate. The song in question is known by the initiated as THE INTENSE HUMMING OF EVIL.  It is definitely one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard, even if you just listen to the opening sample with its apocalyptic piercing brass and sinister narration:


“The court has come. 
The court of the Nations and into the courtroom will come 
the martyrs of Majdanek and Oswiecim. 
From the ditch of Kerch the dead will rise, 
they will arise from the graves, 
they will arise from flames bringing with them the acrid smoke 
and the deathly odour of scorched and martyred Europe. 
And the children they too will come, stern and merciless. 
The butchers had no pity on them.
Now the victims will judge the butchers. 
Today the tear of the child is the judge. 
The grief of the mother is the prosecutor.”

I mean if you listen to The Holy Bible by the Manics it’s dark and messed up anyway, but even late in to the album for the first time when this song kicked in I metaphysically shit myself and felt instantly uncomfortable in my own sweaty, spotty skin. Then it just continues slow-plodding bass lines, hypnotic drums, laconic vocals crescendo into  a haunting chorus of:

“6 Million screaming souls
Maybe misery – maybe nothing at all”

Fracking bleak as hell, but, like the rest of the album, beautifuly poignant as well. Maybe you won’t be affected by it as much as me but this is the song I stick on when for some reason I want to pretend I’m in a psychological horror film.

This has been a short blog – I hope we sort our act out soon and do some more on the road, TA-RA!!!














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