Ah there it is once again – can you taste it in the air? It’s thick with the juices of supernatural Wooly-Bullery. You can sense the line between our world and whatever other worlds lay beyond the fragile film of reality blurs. The impossible becomes the improbable. The improbable becomes the possible and visions of ghoulish spectres, terrifying werebeasts and bloodsucking R-Pattinson’s haunt our dreams… and y’know there’s also the smell of factories pumping out 1000s of boxes of novelty candied goods all because of one little day in this month of October. That’s right babies and gentlebums, I’m talking about a little time in the year called HALLOWEEN and anybody who has been following our website over the past few years will full well know WE FOOKING LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

But to the uninitiated, we 5 Kings of FVK’s…um, ‘arse’ (yeah that’ll do, no one’ll even know what I’m referencing there), like to countdown to that most Hallowed Eve of All Hallows with a little blog on each day in October talking about the spooky stuff that gets us off (in a strictly platonic fashion of course) and get ourselves (and hopefully y’all too) pumped for Halloween! Simple enough eh? Well, we always encourage people to get involved too and this year more than ever we’d love to hear from you guys – What excites you most about Halloween? To Quoth Ghostface – What’s your favourite scary movie? What does Halloween mean to you? Do you give a tiny rats vagina about all this boo-hocky?! And of course if we’re going on about how brilliant something is in our blog feel free to comment below if you think we’re talking out of our arses ;). So – in your best Bane impression – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Of course this year October’s going to very special for us and not just because of our growing anticipation for Halloweenday – NO SIR! – we’re not going to be sitting on our bums this year we’re gonna be out touring the country with our mate in the Dead Lay Waiting. THE KILLING IS DEAD they say (well, I’m someone’s said it) and we’re hitting the road to spread the word – check out our little trailer we made to promote this collection of shindigs here: Then of course we actually get to play a Halloween show supporting mother flipping Wednesday 13 at the bloomin’ Koko!!!! Holy scream eggs Batman, it’s gonna be hella cool!

Anyway on with the show!

Being the 1st of the month of October I got my first little pang of excitement and wanted to indulge my ghoulish side so I slapped on George A. Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead!

Now, I think I bought this DVD for a fiver maybe 2 or 3 years ago amidst a Halloween, trashy horror spending  spree and never got round to watching it – shame on me! Well I finally got round to it today and was not disappointed. I’m a big fan of the other Dead series films I’ve seen, especially Day of the Dead which I think is still my favourite, and one of the things I love about them is that because the making of each is spread out over so many years they each have a completely different tone in relation to the time they were made in. But let’s not go into an essay about the parables of social commentary, and talk about some frackin gore!!! This one obviously being the first and having the smallest budget also has the smallest scale – a classic trapped in a house in the woods scenario –  but the tension builds throughout as the group of survivors trying to work together inside grow so those the mindless horde of zombies baying for their flesh. There’s some ropey acting and the usual wotnot that comes with low budget horror but the music, the creepy lighting and the make-up on the decaying zombies looks ace and once the whole group of characters are assembled you really get hooked waiting for everything to go wrong and see how (if) they’re gonna figure out a way to get out alive. I love how zombie films build on that feeling of isolation and desperation as even though the enemy is slow moving and mindless once they have you surrounded it’s only a matter of time before someone does something stupid and everything goes tits up. The characters are all good and have more too them than you expect from most horror movies of this type to come after NOTLD – I especially like the ridiculously snivelly Mr Cooper who they give a surprisngly tragic edge to. Plus, mad props for the ALWAYS creepy zombie child scenes which can’t help but unnerve me, especially when it combines eating and stabbing their parents with a trowel!! Even though it’s dated now you can imagine this freaking the hell out of people in 1968, as this quote from Roger Ebert after the premiere testifies (SPOILERS):

“The kids in the audience were stunned. There was almost complete silence. The movie had stopped being delightfully scary about halfway through, and had become unexpectedly terrifying. There was a little girl across the aisle from me, maybe nine years old, who was sitting very still in her seat and crying… It’s hard to remember what sort of effect this movie might have had on you when you were six or seven. But try to remember. At that age, kids take the events on the screen seriously, and they identify fiercely with the hero. When the hero is killed, that’s not an unhappy ending but a tragic one: Nobody got out alive. It’s just over, that’s all.”

So yeah if you haven’t seen it and love a good zombie movies, you’ve gotta check this out cos this is where it all started folks – and we have got to pay our respects to the master.



Until next time, goodbye?….



PS The new Muse album is out today GO BUY IT!




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