WHAT THE HELL!? William Control Tour That’s What!

What on earth could this be? It couldn’t, could it? Surely Fearless Vampire Killers are doomed to traverse the cold desolate highways alone, playing shows to the faithful at any shack that will hold them? They couldn’t possibly be going on tour? Could they? COULD THEY!?

The answer is yes. They could, they can and they is. We’ve spent ages whinging and whining, “why will no-one take us on tour!?”, well the time for wingery is OVER! Our good friend, the crown prince of being dangerous, Will Control, is taking us on tour. What a guy! : )

But seriously “We’re really doing it, Harry!” This is so exciting for us. It’s fair getting all this press and shit, but what we always wanted most was to┬áplay for you all. And now we can! *fires a the happy gun at the ceiling in joy*.

I’m excited! Be excited with me and have a glass of fizz! Alcoholic or non, I don’t care! But at this moment in time – well me and the band are just the happiest we’ve been in ages. : )

Until my next letter, or never…

Laurence ;;

P.S. This news is big but it STILL isn’t the big news we’ve been harping on about for ages. xxxx